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ABB Controls
ABB Controls

ABB Controls

Motor Starters, Contactors, Circuit Breakers, Disconnects

ABB Controls

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Control Panel Fabrication Information

ABB Products

Our customer service department offers you accurate and quick answers to all of your ABB Control needs. Whether it is sizing an ABB Starter or engineering and fabricating a custom ABB Control Panel to meet your specific control needs - State Electric Company can assist you. Order your ABB unit or ABB replacement part from State Motor and Control Systems today!

As a qualified ABB distributor, State Electric sells and carries the complete line of ABB controls. We carry a full inventory of ABB Controls and replacement parts, including:

ABB Contactors and Overload Relays

ABB Contactors and Overload Relays ABB Contactors and Overload Relays are suitable for a large variety of applications in building and in industry such as motor control, heating and ventilating, air conditioning, pumping, lifting equipment, lighting, process power factor correction, etc.

The range comprises from mini-contactors to ratings up to 1650 amps. We also offer a wide range of ABB Contactors for domestics and industrial use, bar-mounted contactors, thermal and electronics relays, and a wide range of add-on accessories ensuring flexibility and adaptability to customer specifications.

ABB Disconnect Switches

ABB Disconnect Switches The comprehensive ABB range of Low Voltage Disconnect Switch products including non-fusible, fusible, and enclosed disconnects, cam switches, manual transfer switches and accessories are the perfect choice for all switching applications.

ABB's range of disconnect switches are suitable for diverse applications, in motor control centers, in switchboards and as main switches in various equipment and machinery. Our product offering ranges from 1-pole through 8-pole configurations to specialty switches for transfer, bypass and reversing, etc.

ABB Starters

For Group Motor

ABB Manual Motor Starters The need for individual short-circuit protective devices such as fuses is eliminated with group motor applications; this saves both installation expense and panel space. ABB Line Manual Motor Starters are UL listed and can be used in group installations of motors.

For Single Motor

ABB manual motor starters provide overload protection as required by Article 430 of the National Electrical Code. Control is provided by manual operation of the contacts; overload protection is provided by an adjustable bi-metallic trip mechanism.

  • Adjustable ambient compensated Class 10 overload relay (-20°C to +45°C enclosed)
  • Enclosures with the following accessories : padlock attachment and Pilot light
  • Up to 30kA or 85kA with no back-up fuse required

ABB Softstarters

ABB Softstarters ABB offers wide ranges of softstarters to cover every customers need for solutions. The complete softstarter range covers all motor applications from 3 A to 1810 A used in a main voltage between 208 V to 690 V AC.

  • PSR - The compact range, 3A to 45 A
  • PSS - The flexible range 18 to 300 A. (Inside Delta 515 A)
  • PST(B) – The advanced range 30 to 1050 A. (Inside Delta 1810 A)

ABB Circuit Breakers

ABB Circuit Breakers ABB offers a complete line of NEMA, UL & CSA miniature, molded case and power circuit breakers, residual current (ground fault) devices, manual motor starters to protect personnel and equipment. Our circuit breakers offer the best solution for rapidly restoring normal electrical service after a fault and, at the same time, offering the maximum protection of the electrical installation. The MCCB's have an extensive group of interchangeable accessories from electronic trip devices to flange handles.

ABB Pushbuttons and Pilot Lights

ABB Pushbuttons and Pilot Lights ABB, the leading power and automation group has developed a new generation of pilot devices. The Compact operators and pilot lights are a competitive choice for high volume customers like machine and panel builders with high demands for simple and cost-efficient, yet reliable solutions.

The new Compact range is very comprehensive. It offers all the basic functions; pushbuttons in a wide range of colors, two-position and three position selector switches and pilot lights with Ba9 sockets and also with integrated LEDs.

Control Panel Fabrication Information